UK Coffee Week for Coffee Shops

It's great for your staff. It's great for your customers. 

And it's life changing for the communities which grow our coffee. 

How it works

We ask for all coffee shops taking part in UK Coffee Week to celebrate coffee in their store and raise valuable funds for the communities which grow our coffee.

Participants will be supplied with high quality branding material and support from the UK Coffee Week team to enable each coffee shop operator to deliver a unique experience to their customers and communicate their involvement in UK Coffee Week. 

There are lots of ways you can fundraise during the week and the UK Coffee Week team will be on hand to provide you with inspiration and support.

Please visit our UK Coffee Week 2016 gallery to see how stores get involved and have fun to bring a smiles to everyone.

All funds raised through UK Coffee week directly support Project Waterfall, an initiative developed by the Allegra Foundation to deliver clean water and sanitation to the communities which grow our coffee. 

Registrations for UK Coffee Week 2017 will open in September.