Autumn Coffee and Cocktail Recipes

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re celebrating by trying out some new coffee and cocktail recipes from our partners at MONIN.

Halloween specials

Halloween is now one of the biggest retail occasions aside from Christmas.

It is a growing sector and we know this is largely driven by millennials. Retailers have to react quickly as you can’t afford to stand still.

When consumers have a pleasant shopping experience, it undoubtedly sticks in their mind. Therefore, those that can leverage Halloween may well be in a stronger position during the key Christmas trading period.

Source: Marketing Week, October 2017. Shared via a presentation by Attila Molnar at the UK Coffee Week Talkshop on seasonal innovation

Creepy Crawly Cold Brew

  • 30ml MONIN Pineapple puree

  • 80ml Alpro Coconut Milk

  • 40ml White Rum

  • 2g Blue Spirulina

Blend, shake or whisk for 2-3 seconds without ice. Pour into glass full of ice. Top with cold brew coffee, and finish with a charcoal-pumpkin cold foam.

4 parts skimmed milk to 1 part MONIN Pumpkin Spice syrup and 2g charcoal powder, whisked on a cold foam spindle mixer

DSC_0139 copy.jpg

Bad Santa (Beetroot Gingerbread Latte)

  • 15ml MONIN Gingerbread syrup

  • 200ml Alpro Oat Milk

  • 5g Beetroot powder

Steam oat milk and beetroot powder together, and pour into glass. Add gingerbread syrup and stir. Top with Gingerbread beetroot meringue* and a flamed dusting of beetroot and cinnamon blend.

*7 egg whites, 100ml MONIN Gingerbread syrup, 40ml still water, 3g beetroot powder. Add to a syphon with two cream chargers and chill.

DSC_0165 copy.jpg

Raf, Two Ways

Back in the mid ’90s, long before anything called Third Wave coffee had arrived in Russia, one coffee drinker’s casual whim gave birth to one of Russia’s most popular drinks.

A regular at Coffee Bean, a shop which would later expand across several regions within Russia, Rafael Timerbaev preferred his coffee with milk. So, on one of his visits—not realizing the glory this moment would portend—he simply asked for a “good cup of coffee with milk.”

The barista, rising to the occasion of this open-ended request, mixed a shot of espresso with cream and sugar, and steamed it all together. What would follow is now the stuff of Russian coffee legend.

Source: Presentation by Attila Molnar, MONIN

Maple Spiced Raf

  • 30 ml MONIN Maple Spiced

  • 1 shot(s) espresso

  • 50 ml fresh cream

  • 100 ml milk

Steam MONIN flavouring, espresso and milk together until creamy

Spiced Orange Raf

  • 15 ml MONIN Triple sec syrup

  • 15 ml MONIN Cinnamon syrup

  • 1 shot(s) espresso

  • 50 ml fresh cream

  • 100 ml milk

Steam MONIN flavouring, espresso and milk together until creamy

DSC_0132 copy.jpg

Spiced Orange Espresso Spritz

  • 1 espresso

  • 15ml MONIN Orange Spritz syrup

  • 15ml MONIN Winter Spice syrup

  • 150ml Tonic Water

  • Ice

  • Dried orange and spices

  • Gin* optional

DSC_0134 copy.jpg

UK Coffee Week 2018: A Milestone Year for Fundraising

UK Coffee Week 2018 funds raised total over £320,000! 

With the incredible commitment of stores including Costa Coffee, Caffè Nero, Muffin Break, Esquires and more, as well as hundreds of fantastic independent coffee shops, Project Waterfall is proud to say that this fundraising has also helped the charity to reach the milestone of having given over £1 million to date to coffee communities in need!

From Top Left: Caffè Nero, Bison Coffee in York, JACS in Amersham, Steam Yard in Sheffield. 

Activities in coffee shops across the country ranged from Guess the Beans competitions to raffles, parties, and even a sponsored beard shave! We wouldn't have raised these valuable funds without the customers who go in every day to support their local businesses, giving back to those in coffee growing communities at the other end of the supply chain. 

This year, funds raised have been used on the first year of a four year project in the Jabi Tehnan district of Ethiopia, in partnership with WaterAid. 

20 Water points.png

Each toilet block, each tap and each reservoir present an opportunity for another young person, single mother or doting father to chase their goals with a healthy and active mind and body.

Here are the facilities that will be implemented over the next four years, alongside community programmes such as health clubs and management courses, so that this important work continues to serve these communities long into the future. 

From the furthest highlands of Scotland; to the coasts of Northern Ireland; to the valleys in Wales; and to the Southern tip of England, the coffee community of the UK has really come together this year to celebrate great coffee and goodwill! Thank you!

UK Coffee Week 2019 will take place 29 April - 5 May, and registrations for independent coffee shops will open at the beginning of October. All funds raised from UK Coffee Week 2019 will continue to support the project in Jabi Tehnan. We'll see you then!