MONIN: UK Coffee Week 2019 Official Syrup Sponsors

We are excited to announce that MONIN will be our official flavour sponsors for UK Coffee Week 2019.

MONIN has been producing premium flavoured syrups in Bourges, France, for over a century, using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. With over 100 flavours ranging from classics like Vanilla and Hazelnut to new varieties such as Tonka Bean and Popcorn, there really is a flavour for everyone.

During 2019, MONIN will be adding flavour to the UK Coffee Week campaign by providing delicious recipes for independent coffee shops to make the most out of their fundraising. Recipes will include the amazing Salted Caramel syrup, which can be used in anything from cake to coffee cocktails. 

We are thrilled to be supporting UK Coffee Week and Project Waterfall this year. Through this partnership, and with the help of coffee shops across the country, we hope to make a real and positive impact on coffee growing communities.
— Edina Smith, Trade Marketing Manager

With MONIN’s support as official syrup sponsor for UK Coffee Week 2019, Project Waterfall will be able to reach even more people in coffee growing counties with clean drinking water and sanitation.

Alpro for Professionals

We are delighted that Alpro For Professionals will be continuing to support UK Coffee Week for a third year!

Alpro believes more of what we eat should come from plants. They were founded based on this vision over 30 years ago and today they produce a versatile range of plant-based, sustainable alternatives. It was with this in mind that they designed a special range of products for professional baristas; Alpro For Professionals.

Sustainability – both social and ecological – is incredibly important to Alpro. As the plant-based category leader, we have a duty to do everything in our power to produce our products responsibly, and behave in a socially responsible way. Bringing clean water to coffee growing communities across the world is a truly worthy cause, and one that we are delighted to support.
— Vicky Upton, Head of Marketing, Alpro UK and Ireland

Partnering with Alpro will allow UK Coffee Week 2019 to raise even more money for clean water and sanitation initiatives in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia in support of Project Waterfall.