The Art of Slow Coffee: A UK Coffee Week Talkshop

27 September 2017
TY Soho, Noel Street

For our latest talkshop, the UK Coffee Week team enlisted the help of Bodum, presenting some new and innovative ways to slow brew coffee in store. Demonstrating the ePebo electric vacuum coffee maker, pour overs and the French Press, Bodum and TY Soho welcomed members of the independent coffee community to trial the latest in slow coffee sensations. 


Darren, Co-Founder of Timberyard, giving an opening talk about UK Coffee Week and why independent shops should get involved. TY has been the highest fundraiser since 2014, so who better to rally other owners! 


Following Darren were Jeremy, Egle and Ormond giving a quick talk on the importance of slow coffee methods within coffee shops, as the younger generations become more fascinated with older methods of brewing coffee. There is an element of showmanship about slow coffee that can be exploited in today's shop environment. 


A little taster following the demonstration, with baristas able to get up close and personal with the ePebo and other Bodum brewing kit. The water in the bottom of the ePebo is heated to temperatures of about 90 degrees, with the steam then mixing into the coffee grinds in the pot above. This process lasts for about 10-15 minutes before it's ready to drink. 


Baked treats were provided by the ever generous Cakesmiths, bringing the evening together with a host of scrumptious goods. A great turnout, and a big thank you Bodum, TY Soho and to everyone who attended! 

If you would like to get your own ePebo or any other Bodum equipment, head to their website to find out more! 

All photos courtesy of Will Chamberlin 

Autumn Flavours for your Coffee

Photo from NBC's The Office US

Photo from NBC's The Office US

Pumpkins…pumpkins everywhere!

We know that Autumn is the season for all things pumpkin. From pumpkin pie to pumpkin soup, orange is the way to go during this colourful season. We know it goes well in coffee, but what about other fantastically flavours? We’ve compiled a list of great combinations you can try at home before the winter really begins. You might Fall in love with something new…

The Pumpkin Spiced Latte

A classic and well established recipe introduced by Starbucks as a mainstream autumn drink, why not try making it at home, using real pumpkin puree to enhance those flavours. Check out Averie Cooks for a great recipe; you can also substitute to make this vegan!

Insomnia Coffee Company now produces their own Pumpkin Pie Latte. Photo by Insomnia Coffee. 

Insomnia Coffee Company now produces their own Pumpkin Pie Latte. Photo by Insomnia Coffee

A Caramel Pumpkin Blend

A pumpkin spice latte with a twist? BrucrewLife has got you covered. Their home recipe for a Pumpkin Caramel blend involves not only fresh pumpkin puree, but also caramel ice cream, sea salt, fresh spices, and of course that all important shot of espresso. Warming, sweet and comforting for cooler evenings.

The Salted Caramel Mocha

No pumpkin, I hear you say? But we know Salted caramel has to be up there as equal in flavour and ability to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Combine caramel with chocolate syrup, add a dash of sea salt, a shot of espresso and milk to bring this creation to life. Slippers on, blanket draped, and relax!

The Salted Caramel Mocha. Photo and recipe by  BruCrew Life

The Salted Caramel Mocha. Photo and recipe by  BruCrew Life

The Black Forest

Calling all coffee-chocoholics, I Need Coffee have a great combination to try at home! Using French Press-made coffee, a handful of cherries and some chocolate syrup, your dreams of combining coffee and dessert into one cup really will come true. Rich and satisfying, this one brings Autumn and Winter together in one hearty drink.

The Autumn Spice Delight

This creation enhances the amazing flavours black coffee has to offer using natural spices and citrus fruits. As it doesn’t contain milk, no substitutions have to be made making this drink completely vegan. Genius Kitchen has a great recipe for you to try, perfect for sitting in front of a roaring fire and reading a book. For an extra kick, they recommend adding orange liqueur in place of fresh orange peel!

Maple Cinnamon Latte

Canadians have it good with all things maple flavoured, and this maple cinnamon latte is like pancakes in a cup (with an extra dose of caffeine of course). MONIN have this recipe down to a fine art, mixing all the ingredients with a shot of their Maple Spice Syrup and flourishing with a dash of cinnamon. We recommend drinking this alongside a sticky cinnamon roll for those with a sweet tooth.

The Maple Cinnammon Latte, photo by Port and Fin

The Maple Cinnammon Latte, photo by Port and Fin

The "Apple Betty"

A couple of years ago, Toby’s Estate Coffee in Brooklyn, NYC, created an incredible recipe that brought the memory of Grandma’s autumn apple pies into a cup of coffee: The Apple Betty. Based on Americana dessert, the Brown Betty, their homemade syrup was blended with almond milk to bring the nut flavours to life and we can’t get enough of this idea! Sprudge detailed their syrup recipe so that you could try it at home. 

The Irish Coffee

What can be better that a belly-warming Friday nightcap of Irish coffee? One of the best we ever tried was the Bloomsbury Club X Dead Rabbit NYC collaboration that was showcased during UK Coffee Week 2017. There are plenty of fantastic Irish coffee recipes out there, but why not try checking out The Guardian’s exploration of the perfect Irish Coffee, complete with a recipe. Hint: use filter coffee for the best finish!

The Bloomsbury Club x Dead Rabbit NYC Irish Coffee, debuted during UK Coffee Week 2017. Photo by The Bloomsbury Club 

The Bloomsbury Club x Dead Rabbit NYC Irish Coffee, debuted during UK Coffee Week 2017. Photo by The Bloomsbury Club 

Do you have any homemade Autumn coffee recipes that we should try? Let us know in the comments, or email us!