10 Great Songs about Coffee (in our humble opinion)

Let’s face it; everyone loves the occasional top ten list. That’s why the UK Coffee Week team has decided to share our top 10 all time favourite songs about coffee. The songs on this list range from pop to rock to reggae, but are all in some way inspired by our favourite hot drink.

1.       The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra

2.       One Cup of Coffee by Bob Marley

3.       Another Cup of Coffee by Mike and the Mechanics

4.       Keep That Coffee Hot by Scatman Crothers

5.       You’re the Cream in My Coffee by Annette Hanshaw

6.       A Cup of Coffee by Johnny Cash

7.       Black Coffee by Ella Fitzgerald

8.       Coffee, Coffee, Coffee by Freedy Johnston

9.       Caffeine by Patty Larkin

10.   Black Coffee in Bed by Squeeze

Feel free to comment with any additional songs that you would add to our list. We love to hear our readers’ input!