Top 13 Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Enthusiasts


Looks like it’s that time of the year again, we hope everyone’s ready! Summer came and went, and before you know it you’re sat inside with the heating on, a cup of coffee to hand and #montythepenguin is playing on your television.

To kick off the holiday season this year the UK Coffee Week team have selected 13 gift ideas any coffee enthusiast will love. Click on the pictures for links to buy them!

Bodum Travel Press

A classic, of course. For those coffee lovers who don’t have one, it’s time to change that.

Price: £24

Blast off Espresso Cups

Nothing wakes you up like a shot of espresso in the morning. So why not drink it out of a rocket ship shaped cup? Fun and practical.

Price: £16.95

Bialetti Tuttocrema Milk Frother

Time to bring out that inner barista. Coffee fans can now make their own cappuccinos at home!

Price: £26

Wooden Coffee Scoop and Bag Holder by E-Side

We just love functionality and design. If you need to scoop your coffee out of a bag and preserve its freshness afterward, have no fear- the scoop and clip in one is here.

Price: £25.95

‘Coffee is Good’ Tote Bag by Memo Illustration

Because no one can have enough!

Price: £12

Bodum Bistro Electric coffee grinder

Another inner barista essential. For the coffee enthusiast who understands the importance of grinding your coffee at home for a fresh taste.

Price: £35

AeroPress Coffee Maker

An essential for the coffee enthusiast who enjoys a rich flavour to their coffee!

Price: £25 - £30

Coffee Playing Cards

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee with friends while playing a nice game of cards? While slightly on the pricey side, these playing cards come in a huge range of customisable colours and designs and have fun coffee related facts and pictures on the front.

Price: £17.95

Personalised Silver Plated Coffee Spoon Set

What better gift than a sweet saying on a spoon that you use every morning?

Price: £28

Chemex Coffee Maker

Possibly the most elegant way to make coffee in the morning.

Price: £37 - £45

PDW Bar-ista Coffee Cup Holder

Perfect for the city cyclist – this cup holder will lighten up any coffee lovers morning commute.

Price: £13.00

Coffee Scented Candle

For those who love the scent of freshly ground coffee, a scented candle is the perfect gift. We’ve selected three of our favourites at different price points. 

Price: £6.69

Price: £31.00

Price: £45.00

Hand Knitted Mug Cosy

Because they look amazing, they’re cosy, they’re practical, and they’re eco-friendly. Need we say more?

Price: £8

Coffee Hamper

This present always wins with the UKCW team. Combine the items from this list and add your own ideas to create a unique gift for coffee lover in your life.


Well gift givers, it’s time to go shopping. Let us know how it goes and tweet us your pictures of coffee gifts (@ukcoffeeweek)!


*All prices featured were accurate at the time of posting