Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Enthusiasts


Looks like it’s that time of the year again, we hope everyone’s ready! Summer came and went, and before you know it you’re sat inside with the heating on, a cup of coffee to hand and a Christmas playlist that you haven't changed since 2003 playing through your speakers.

To kick off the holiday season this year the UK Coffee Week team have selected 13 gift ideas any coffee enthusiast will love. Click on the pictures for links to buy them!


A classic, of course. For those coffee lovers who don’t have one, it’s time to change that.

Price: £37-£45


R2D2 KeepCup

Combat waste and combine your love for all things coffee and Star Wars (especially with The Last Jedi getting all that hype) with this 8oz original edition KeepCup! Other styles are also available, and your local coffee shop may also stock their own! 

Price: £14


Brew Better Coffee at Home by Brian W. Jones

A brilliant book from designer, blogger and writer Brian W. Jones, who is obsessed with coffee. Every home barista needs one of these in their kitchens to impress guests with a perfect home made cup. 

Price: £18.99


Coffee Scrubs by Ground

Try out these brilliant coffee scrubs, created by UK based company Grounded. They not only offer face and bosy scrubs, but also have hair and lip care ranges! Check out all the incredible flavours on offer too...

Price: £15.00



Bodum ePebo Vacuum Coffee Maker

An new product for the coffee enthusiast fascinated by the sciene of brewing. Bodum has released this new machine which works just as a siphon does, producing a wonderful and hot cup of coffee. 

Price: £200



Cupping Box Set

The ultimate tasting box, for that coffee snob in your family or friendship group! Climpson and Sons has put together this fantastic kit, including 3 different coffees, a cupping spoon and a notebook. 

Price: £35


Espro Stainless Steel Travel French Press

Get this gift for the weary commuter in your family, who needs a kick of freshly brewed filter coffee on their first journey to work after the holidays. The flask keeps the coffee hot for 4-6 hours as well! 

Price: £33.00 



Coffee Scented Candle

For those who love the scent of freshly ground coffee, a scented candle is the perfect gift. We personally love the Dark Coffee Absolute by Max Benjamin, an indulgent frangrance to waft through your homes. 

Price: £16

Kimbo's Cuccuma Coffee Pot

Kimbo has brought the tradtional Neapolitan 'flip' Coffee pot back to life, combining Neapolitan coffee culture and modern innovation. It also comes with a free 250g bag of Bio Organic coffee. A fun and artistic coffee maker, which makes for a great talking point for your Sunday coffee mornings. 

Price: £30.00

Coffee Week Krimbotition.jpg


Coffee Art

We have some fantastic artwork from the Allegra-run charity competition, The Coffee Art Project. All coffee-themed, it's the perfect addition to any coffee lovers kitchen, and all original! 


Well gift givers, it’s time to go shopping. Let us know how it goes and tweet us your pictures of coffee gifts (@ukcoffeeweek)!


*All prices featured were accurate at the time of posting