The Coffee Works Project

On Tuesday 25 November, the UK Coffee Week team met up with one of our biggest supporters, The Coffee Works Project, at their store on Islington High Street. Catching up with Joanna and Peter gave us the perfect opportunity to reminisce about their involvement in UK Coffee Week and discuss their future ideas for 2015 (which we cannot wait to see!).

UKCW: Tell us your story. How did the Coffee Works Project start?

Peter: Originally, this was a dream. I have a background in hospitality and I was influenced by my Greek and Cypriote roots where coffee shops were the main hub of the community. That was slightly different from the UK, where pubs were the hub of the community. There has been some change in London; however, the coffee shop is starting to become one of the main communities. I wanted to create a space where I could showcase amazing coffee with a strong commitment to quality. This space would also be a place where people can work and socialize at the same time.

Well, some of us at UKCW are hopeless romantics and absolutely ate up the next part of his story.

Peter: People have met at The Coffee Works Project and started relationships here. One couple met here and eventually wanted to have their engagement party where they first met.

If that isn’t a true coffee shop romance, we’re not really sure what is!

UKCW: You were a part of UK Coffee Week last year. What did you do for it?

Peter: We fundraise every year for the week. Our biggest hit was yoga, where we turned the entire shop into a yoga class. We even had the class held outside in our garden so later at night people could stop by for some nice “pop up” yoga.

UKCW: How successful was your involvement in UK Coffee Week?

Peter: It was really a success. We were able to diversify the client base and introduce something new to the coffee shop patrons. We were also able to explain UK Coffee Week, Project Waterfall, and London Coffee Festival as different events with one centralized message. The week was successful because it allows us to do some fun and interesting events with a serious underlying cause to spread awareness. We consider ourselves the “seasoned pro” when it comes to UK Coffee Week.

Next we discussed London Coffee Night 2015 with Peter, which we are really excited about!

Peter: The night definitely diversifies UK Coffee Week and has the potential to bring a new crowd to the celebration. It really highlights the personality. We would consider doing yoga as part of London Coffee Night.

UKCW: And what about your plans for UK Coffee Week 2015?

Peter: We’re finalizing ideas now for the week so we will keep you updated!

We look forward to seeing Peter, Joanna and the rest of The Coffee Works Project team from 4-10 May 2015 at UK Coffee Week! If you can’t wait until then, you can drop into their store on Islington Highstreet and you’ll be instantly welcomed into their buzzing community.