14 best coffee shops in London to take your date this Valentine’s Day

Coffee dates are an ideal choice for a first date. However, here at UK Coffee Week we are convinced that grabbing a delicious cup of coffee is perfect for any stage in the dating journey. Forget about the lengthy dinners, silent cinema screenings and chilly walks in the park (who does that in the middle of February?), go for a great cup of coffee instead. We guarantee you will not regret it.

So, without further ado, let us take you on a tour of our top 14 Valentine Day’s coffee venues in London!

1.       Foxcroft and Ginger in Soho 

This Soho coffee house has an industrial feel to it, with its brick walls and exposed piping. Should the date go really well, the chef is said to make the best bread and pizzas in this part of the city. The real deal however, is the space downstairs – perfect for your intimate date chitchat over a cuppa. 

2.       The Attendant in Fitzrovia 

Attendant is located in a Victorian public lavatory. It is probably not the best idea to mention it to your date straight away though! Instead, surprise them with the originality of the place and the quality coffee (4.5 out of 5 beans according to the official London Coffee Guide).

3.       Ozone Coffee Roasters in Old Street 

Known for its cosy booths which give a feeling of privacy in the very busy Shoreditch area, Ozone Coffee Roasters is a stunning addition to the London coffee scene. You and your date can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee, as well as food that you can see being prepared. It is an ideal place if you are both passionate about coffee and would love to have a chance to chat about it in a stylish environment.

4.       Dishoom in Shoreditch 

Drawing from the tradition of old Bombay cafés, Dishoom in Shoreditch is not to be missed! Try out one of the exotic coffees on offer, along with deli-style food if you’re hungry. Surprise your date with your knowledge of the menu and order a ‘Monsooned Malabar Coffee’, as recommended by @TheTrueView, or show a wild side by having the ‘Naughty Chai’ - which comes with a shot of Bourbon!

5.       Brill in Exmouth Market

The Brill Café is led by Mr Brill himself and will make anyone feel welcome with their fantastic music, original coffee blends and bagels. Show your date how much you know about the city and its quirky places to go to and have a great time while sipping your favourite cup of coffee and listening to your favourite records. 

6.       Riding House Café in Soho Fitzrovia 

In this up and coming, trendy place it is all about good quality coffee and fashion. If you care about making a good first impression and your date is into coffee, the Riding House Café is a place to go! Try an amazing variety of food and drinks and feel the atmosphere of the place win you over in the eyes of your partner.

7.       2LOVE Tea and Coffee House in Lambeth 

Probably perfect for sunnier months of the year, but also charming during winter, this Lambeth coffee spot has stunning seating along the river just across from the parliament. Italian coffee and the inspiring views make this the perfect place for Valentine’s celebrations.

8.       The Haberdashery in Crouch End 

This coffee shop in North London has been named the Best Coffee Shop in London by Grazia magazine. With its low prices, chic interiors and faultless coffee, the Haberdashery in Crouch End is a great option for those willing to flirt with North London’s best coffee venues.

9.       Chairs and Coffee in Fulham 

Run by two gregarious Italian friends, this coffeehouse is the epitome of quirky. Come here to have one of the best espressos in London or alternatively to have a tasty brunch in the afternoon. You and your date can enjoy the taste of great coffee while discussing the original and unique interiors of this especially creative atmosphere in the heart of Fulham.

10.       Soho Grind in Soho

Located right in the city centre, this relaxing venue is known for its usage of organic produce and a very up and coming venue. There is nothing you and your date could not do there – from enjoying a great coffee to cocktails in the evenings, and French language lessons downstairs while you’re planning your romantic getaway to Paris.

11.       The Gentlemen Baristas in Southbank

Around the corner from London Bridge is a fun new place to go to if you feel you have seen it all and want to experience something new. There is a lot of space for sitting down and talking, and a very cosy room at the back should you want to keep it a bit more private.

12.       No67 at South London Gallery

No67 is an incredibly classy café and restaurant. Make sure you take your date there for an elegant afternoon of amazing coffee and food, as well as for exploring the contemporary art in the Art Gallery next door. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the exhibitions within the venue to further impress your partner!

13.       White Mullberries


You certainly cannot go wrong with a venue overlooking the beautiful St Katherine Docks! Winner of London’s Best Coffee Shop 2014 and considered a favourite place for a cup of coffee by many, its main advantages are its amazing location and friendly staff. And it has outdoor seating should the weather be nice!  

14.       Climpson and Sons in Hackney

The last coffee place on our list is known to have one of the best quality coffees in Hackney, as proved by the long queues of people always flocking outside of the shop. Both roasting their own coffee beans and providing you with healthy snacks, the Climpson and Sons in Hackney is a perfect option for those who want to have a delicious cup of coffee in a trendy place the coming 14th.

If you still don’t feel satisfied and feel like you want to up the game, our team at the UK Coffee Week agrees there is only one thing left to do: a coffee shop crawl. Spend a day drinking delicious coffee in as many of these stunning locations across London as you can to get to know your date and their coffee drinking habits. After all, is there anything more important than the latter?  

What are you doing for your Valentine’s Day? Let our team know at the UK Coffee Week via twitter or Facebook.