Celebrity Coffee: Stephen Fry Voted as Nations Favourite Person to Have Coffee With!

To celebrate UK Coffee Week 2016, we asked the British Public who they would most like to share a coffee with. In a survey of 2,000 Brits, national treasure Stephen Fry was voted as the nations favourite person to share a coffee with by 24% of the British Public.

Stephen Fry comments:

You can’t make coffee without fresh water - but more importantly we can’t live healthy lives without fresh water either. It is our most precious resource, so I am very proud to be a part of any initiative which extols the virtues of coffee with friends while helping provide fresh water for those who most need it.

-Stephen Fry


 Intelligent conversation was revealed as being a key aspect to any good coffee ‘catch-up’ with naturalist David Attenborough taking second place (23 per cent) – also revealed as British women’s preferred coffee partner – and Professor Brian Cox third overall, with 17 per cent of the vote. The study also revealed national treasures Dame Judi Dench (15%), J.K. Rowling and Dawn French as the top female icons Brits would most like to have a coffee with. 


1. Stephen Fry (24%)

2. David Attenborough (23%)

3. Professor Brian Cox (17%)

4. Judi Dench (15%)

5. Richard Branson (14%)

6. J.K. Rowling (14%)

7. David Tennant (13%)

8. David Beckham (12%)

9. Ant & Dec (12%)

10. Dawn French (12%)

Cephas Azariah, 2016

Cephas Azariah, 2016

The coffee of choice to accompany good conversation was revealed as being a Latte (25%), closely followed by a Cappuccino (23%) and an Americano (16%) 

It was also revealed that the quintessentially British stereotype of tea being the nation's favoured hot drink has been replaced by coffee, with almost two-thirds (61%) now opting for coffee over tea. 

One in five Brits (21%) visits their local coffee shop two to three times per week to fuel their coffee appetite. 

Reasons for the rise in coffee as the hot beverage of choice was revealed as being the preferred "wake up" solution (39%) whereas one in five (23%) prefer drinking coffee due to the UK's vibrant coffee shop culture and scene.