Water in the coffee industry: a UK Coffee Week Talkshop

6 March 2017

The Gentlemen Baristas, Store St.

UK Coffee Week teamed up with BRITA Professional to host an educational evening centered on the theme of water in the coffee industry - from the communities that grow our coffee to the end cup. Here are the highlights!

The evening was opened with an engaging and interactive talk by Gary Norwood from BRITA Professional, who explained the importance of water quality in creating the perfect cup of coffee. 

Water hardness, odour, alkalinity, chlorine and pH all play a role in influencing the taste of our water and our coffee. 

Gary Norwood, BRITA Professional

Gary Norwood, BRITA Professional

Next up was Matthew Wootliff, from The Allegra Foundation Board of Trustees, who shared his experiences of visiting the Kibebe Tsehay orphanage in Addis Ababa, where Project Waterfall have recently funded a clean drinking water station in collaboration with Splash. 

Guests were treated to delicious cakes from our partners at Cakesmiths and tasty cocktails from our partners Monin. 



All photos by Cephas Azariah