UK Coffee Week 2017: Success for Schools

We are very proud to announce that UK Coffee Week has raised over £335,000 for Project Waterfall, making it the most successful campaign to date! Over 4500 donors and sponsors came together between 10-16 April 2017 to help bring clean drinking water and sanitation to coffee growing communities. 

The money raised will go to fund clean water and sanitation facilities of a tri-country project for schools in coffee growing communities across Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The valuable funds donated have helped over 5000 people gain access to much needed water resources, and we couldn't have done it without the help of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and more. 


One of the schools that will be supported through UK Coffee Week fundraising is St John Bosco Gayaza Primary School, in Wakiso District, Uganda. The open water source the children rely on is 1km from the school, and is also used by livestock as a crossing point. This makes the water even dirtier and unsafe for drinking. Teacher Wene Topista says, 

"The problem of water makes me feel so bad. The kids run up and ask me for water and I can't give any because I don't have it....there is none."

Your donation from the UK Coffee Week campaign will help alleviate health issues associated with dirty water, free up time to spend on education, and give these children a chance of a brighter future. The generosity and help with raising awareness for Project Waterfall's continuing work will help us change even more lives in communities who are most in need. 

"I feel so happy, I feel so encouraged, and I feel our children are now in a safe place where they won't suffer from disease. This is the assurance I am giving to the parents: Let your children now come and join us - with clean water and toilets is a safe place for your children to learn."

- Francis, Deputy Head Teacher at Wayngu Primary School, Kenya

Thank you for joining us on our journey to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities in 2017. See you all next year! 

Photo Credits

Photo 1 and 2: Rebecca Hodgson for Project Waterfall, Fort Portal, Uganda (2017)

Photo 3: Kayla Smith for Wateraid, Mt Carmel school Uganda (2014).

Photo 4: Jessica Jabbour for Wateraid, Wangu Primary School Siaya District Kenya (2016)

Photo 5: Cephas Azariah for UK Coffee Week (2017)