UK Coffee Week: 7 Independents in the South West

UK Coffee Week 2018 is coming up soon. Have you found which of your local coffee shops are taking part this year this year? If not, no need to worry, we’re here to help with a list of 7 amazing coffee shops in Bristol and the South West that we think are a must. This year these coffee shops are working with us to help bring clean drinking water and sanitation to coffee growing communities in Jabi Tehnan, Ethiopia through Project Waterfall.

Pinkmans Bakery: Bristol, Park Street

Pinkmans Bakery is the perfect reward for anyone who makes the trek up that huge hill known as Park Street. Located in the heart of Bristol right near the top of Park street, Pinkmans offers more than just delicious coffee, but also amazing baked goods. Baking and making everything on site, Pinkmans Bakery was nominated for the Bristol Good Food awards 2017 for Best Cafe Food, Best Breakfast, Best Cakes, Best Pastries and Best Bread!

UKCW - 2018 - Pinkmans store - Pinkmans.jpg
UKCW - 2018 - Pinkmans latte art - Pinkmans.jpg

Little Victories: Bristol, Spike Island

Just around the corner from the M Shed on Spike Island, Little victories has just about everything going for them. Espresso Bar by day, craft Beer, Coffee Cocktails and Organic Wine in the Evenings. Make sure to try their signature cocktail the Cold Brew Negroni.

Photo by @UnitedBatistas

Photo by @UnitedBatistas

Photo by @coffeewales

Photo by @coffeewales

Extract Coffee: Bristol, St. Werburghs

Last year Extract Coffee Roasters proved that you don’t need to have a café to take part in UK Coffee Week. They hosted a ‘Breakfast at the Roastery’ and raised enough money for Project Waterfall to be one of the top 10 independent fundraisers for UK Coffee Week 2017.

“UK Coffee Week was a great opportunity to invite some of our customers into the roastery for a chilled-out breakfast and some fine coffee of course. Being able to do that whilst raising money for an excellent cause is a great combination for everyone involved.” - Claire

This year they’re planning to host another ‘Breakfast at the Roastery’ to help support Project Waterfall (get your tickets here) and they might even have something else up their sleeves. Keep your eyes peeled.

UKCW - 2018 - Extract roasters coffee bags - Extract.jpg
UKCW - 2017 - Extract Coffee Roasters 2 - General - Extract Coffee Roasters.JPG

Bakesmiths: Bristol, Whiteladies Road

The team at Cakesmiths spent a long time searching for the perfect site to showcase the extensive range of cakes, as well as create a fresh and exciting destination for all things food and coffee. Owners Mike and Tom finally discovered the perfect site on Whiteladies Road in March 2016 and Bakesmiths was born. This beautiful location is the perfect spot for coffee and cake. Certainly not a place you want to miss.

Long-time supporters of Project Waterfall, the team at Bakesmiths will be launching a Special ‘Waterfall Cake’ to help support Project Waterfall.

UKCW - 2018 - bakesmiths store front - bakesmiths.PNG
UKCW - 2018 - bakesmiths 01 - bakesmiths.PNG

Origin Coffee: Cornwall

Origin Coffee’s cafes are a celebration all the hard work that goes into producing their coffee, from its source to the finished cup. They are transparent and diligent about the process, shouting to the roof about the amazing farms they come across and the people who run them. They have 3 locations in London, but if you want to see where it all began, you’ll have to take a trip to the idyllic fishing town of Porthleven, Harbour Head. This is the perfect place to sample their monthly, single origin feature coffees and enjoy the maritime views.

“we're delighted to continue [our] support UK Coffee Week and Project Waterfall. Our customers are always so inquisitive and it's a great opportunity to raise awareness of the struggles coffee growing communities face, and how we can support them.”

They will be donating 50p from the sale of all their retail coffee to Project Waterfall, helping bring clean, safe drinking water, sanitation and education to coffee growing communities.

UKCW - 2018 - Origin coffee cup - Origin.jpg
UKCW - 2018 - Origin Coffee Roasters - Origin.jpg

Annie and the Flint: Ilfracombe

Annie and the Flint is a small, local independent business that both love being supported by locals and in return, supporting their local produce providers. A true gem, Annie and the Flint not just has one of the coolest named coffee shop (at least in our opinion) but also provides coffee that is ethically sourced. Recently they were proud to announce that they were the first cafe in Ilfracombe to be plastic free!

“when we first set up Annie and the Flint we wanted to be a responsible business and have an ethos that not only looked after our customers but also did our bit to take care of the planet.” - Paul

If you haven't already, come and see this amazing place for yourself!

UKCW - 2018 - Annie and the Flint coffee - Annie and the Flint.jpg
UKCW - 2018 - Annie and the Flint store - Annie and the Flint.jpg

Calm Coffee Bar: Burnham-on-sea

Calm is an independent coffee shop located in Burnham-on-sea. Organic produce is at the heart of what is served at Calm Coffee Bar. They want to ensure that the utmost care is taken in every step of the sourcing to plate process. Making the choice to be a sustainable coffee bar is at the forefront of being great.

This is not their first time supporting UK Coffee Week, in 2017 they held a Free Coffee Taster every morning of UK Coffee Week to help raise money for Project Waterfall.

UKCW - 2018 - calm store front - calm coffee bar.jpg
UKCW - 2018 - calm latte - calm coffee bar.jpg

To see even more amazing coffee shops that are taking part in UK Coffee Week 2018, check out our participant map here.