Ten Coffee Shops to Visit in Northern Ireland


Let the streets run green. Grab a fork with a bestie from Cork. Get merry with a friend from Derry. It's almost St. Patrick's Day!

To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of ten coffee spots to visit when you’re next in Northern Ireland. You can thank us later...

Curated Kitchen

In the heart of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter is this chameleon of a coffee spot. Serving up breakfast, brunch, lunch and, of course coffee, their food menu changes every week based on their favourite cook book at the time.

Established Coffee

Another occupant of the Cathedral Quarter is this sincerely educational slice of coffee heaven which hosts weekly classes in home coffee brewing. Be sure to check out what ‘Pie and Drip’ they have on offer for the week.

Root & Branch

This gorgeous open space must be the place to be in the summer months. Run by Ben and Simon, Root & Branch roast their coffee beans in-house and you can even buy a bag of the stuff to take home.

PC:  Haptik

PC: Haptik


Very much like the Coffee Art Project, this sweet venue is a double threat as an art gallery/studio space and coffee bar where you can grab a lovingly curated brew. On top of this, their menu is crammed with food prepared with the same flourish as the artwork on the walls.

5A Lockview Road

This spot has to be a regular for students, being so close to the Belfast University campus. Enjoy their outside space while sipping their speciality coffee offering.

PC: 387 -  Ormeau Road

PC: 387 - Ormeau Road

387 – Ormeau Road

This one’s for the Vegan lovers. 387’s bright and welcoming space offers heaps of vegan snacks and eat-in options to enjoy or grab and go.

Blend & Batch

These baking extraordinaires offer utterly delicious cakes, pastries and heaps more to lavish over with your coffee.

Ground Espresso Bars

These family-owned venues are too good not to include here with establishments spread far and wide throughout Northern Ireland. From Londonderry to Portadown, sit back in their sleek and welcoming space and enjoy something warm with friends.

Kaffe O – Ormeau Road

This road must be teeming with competition as it has so many cafes that, quite rightly, boast their individuality. This venue has been built with everything Nordic in mind. From the style of the venue to the coffee itself, which is roasted in Copenhagen.

Town Square

A Narnia of a space for coffee lovers with each coffee sourced from all over the world. What’s more, for a little later in the day or night, the venue morphs into a gin bar with a multitude of delicious cocktails and a plentiful food menu that’ll leave you drooling well after you’re finished.

There you have it folks.

Our set of the must-visit coffee houses throughout Northern Ireland. What do you think of our list? Did we miss any of your faves? Let us know with a comment below and be sure to check out other stories on our blog for news on all things coffee.