Bean There Done That: Learning from the Best in the Business with iZettle’s Podcast

To succeed in the coffee industry you need to be a continuous student – staying up to date with the latest trends and learning from those who have achieved what you want to.

Jeffrey Young featuring on the iZettle podcast: Bean There Done That

Jeffrey Young featuring on the iZettle podcast: Bean There Done That

Ten years ago this was difficult to do given the lack of information available. Today, not so much. Trade shows, research papers, trend reports and publications are rife. 

As Maxwell Colonna Dashwood, 3-time UK barista champion and founder of Colonna Coffee, notes: “I remember when I got into the industry and it took me three years to get to a certain point of understanding. Now I see someone come into it and they can get to the same point of understanding in six months.”

Every era has its challenges though. The problem for people looking to educate themselves now isn’t one of scarcity. It’s one of abundance. In a world of information overload it’s hard to know where to start, and to find the time to. With an increasing number of self-proclaimed experts online, who should you listen to? And how do you know what applies to you and what doesn’t? 

To solve these problems, and make its own contribution to the coffee community, UK Coffee Week Partner iZettle has just launched a podcast series called ‘Bean there, done that’.

Ideal for independent coffee shop owners, the series aims to curate the advice needed to grow and scale your business from the industry’s top experts. Throughout it, the host Nasos Papadopoulos will interview some of the coffee industry’s leading lights, including world barista champions, the owners of the country’s most successful independent businesses and a series of other industry thought leaders. 

Topics covered will include everything from understanding customers to recruiting and training staff; and from making a business profitable to building fruitful relationships with suppliers. There’s also plenty of insight into running a sustainable and ethical business, with a whole episode dedicated to the theme.

There are already three episodes to listen to. One with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood; one with HasBean’s Director of Wholesale and former World Barista Champion Dale Harris; and we’re delighted to say one with our very own Jeffrey Young, founder of Project Waterfall and UK Coffee Week.

So if you’re looking to take your coffee business to the next level, grab a cup of your favourite brew and hit play! You’re in for a treat.

Listen to the iZettle podcast HERE!

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