Clean drinking water is a basic human right which every person in the world should have access to. 

Project Waterfall is an initiative developed by the Allegra Foundation (registered charity: 1133540) to bring clean water to the communities which grow our coffee. 

Since 2011, Project Waterfall has raised over £800,000 and delivered clean drinking water to over 27,000 people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Vietnam and Nicaragua.

UK Coffee Week 2018 is raising funds for a new project in the rural Jabi Tehnan district of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia is considered the biological and cultural home of coffee, and 38% of the people living in Jabi Tehnan rely on coffee for their livelihood. 

Ethiopia is also one of the countries that struggles most with the water crisis. 75% of the population lack access to clean water and 95% lack access to sanitation. 

This project, in partnership with WaterAid, will bring clean drinking water and sanitation to 7,000 people over the next 4 years.

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