A nationwide celebration of coffee that raises funds for coffee growing communities.

UK Coffee Week 2018: A Milestone in fundraising

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UK Coffee Week 2018 was our biggest campaign to date, with thousands of coffee shops across the UK joining together to celebrate great coffee and raise funds for Project Waterfall. 

Over £320,000 was raised through coffee operators around the UK, from the furthest lochs of Scotland to the coast of Cornwall, we saw activity far and wide! Thank you to all those who took part!

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This Year's Project

UK Coffee Week 2018 is raising funds for a new project in the rural Jabi Tehnan district of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia is considered the biological and cultural home of coffee, and 38% of the people living in Jabi Tehnan rely on coffee for their livelihood. 

Ethiopia is also one of the countries that struggles most with the water crisis. 75% of the population lack access to clean water and 95% lack access to sanitation. 

This project, in partnership with WaterAid, will bring clean drinking water and sanitation to 7,000 people over the next 4 years.

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What is UK Coffee Week?

UK Coffee Week is a nationwide celebration of coffee that unites the industry with its customers to raise valuable funds for the communities that grow our coffee. 

All funds raised during this week go directly to Project Waterfall, an initiative established to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities around the world. Don't take our word for it though...

Project Waterfall

UK Coffee Week is a fundraising campaign with Project Waterfall at its heart, raising money to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities.

Since 2011, Project Waterfall has raised over £1 Million, changing over 37,000 lives in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Rwanda, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

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