UK Coffee Week 2016: A Great Success

We're so proud to say that in April 2016, UK Coffee Week raised over £175,000 across thousands of stores up and down the country! 

This year, UK Coffee Week raised money for a venture based in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, a partnership project between Project Waterfall and our delivery partner, WaterAid. This project aims to reach 24,500 people by 2018 in one rural and one urban ward of Chelia District (liben Gamo and Babich Town) and one rural ward of the Toke Kutaye district (Toke Kombolcha). 

A view of Kilfo Village, Toke Kutaye district.  © WaterAid

A view of Kilfo Village, Toke Kutaye district. ©WaterAid

The footpath leading to the water source, Babich Town, Chelia district.  © WaterAid

The footpath leading to the water source, Babich Town, Chelia district. ©WaterAid

These wards have the lowest rates of access to water and sanitation services in the area. Before our work began, the communities would draw water from polluted rivers up to three hours walk away. These sources were also shard with livestock. 

A Solution

This project aims to bring safe water to 24,500 people and improved sanitation to 22,000 people, which will transform the communities, improving their health and life chances by providing the first building block for development.

Gravity water flow systems, 39 water points, a reservoir, 11 latrine blocks and 15 wells, both hand dug and shallow will be constructed over the course of this project, and a water management committee has also been established in order to sustainably manage the new systems in the future. This committee represents the communities affected, with the team being made up of at least 50% women, addressing the equality as well as water issues facing this area. 

Mihiretie, Babich Town ©WaterAid

Mihiretie, Babich Town ©WaterAid

Family in Babich Town   ©WaterAid

Family in Babich Town ©WaterAid

Gobena, Babich Town    ©WaterAid

Gobena, Babich Town  ©WaterAid

Thank you

The efforts of coffee shop owners and their customers across the country have meant that thousands of lives have been changed. A safe and clean source of water for a community y is the first step to a sustainable future. Risk to health decreases, ability and time to work and provide for other family members increases, and dignity can be restored to entire communities. 

UK Coffee Week had more support than ever before in 2016, and we are so grateful for each coffee shop that raises money for Project Waterfall. Thank you!

    ©Cephas Azariah

  ©Cephas Azariah